Ah, Allissa... The big and busty porn starlet from Hollywood with full lips that makes you kiss...
The first thing you should know about Allissa is that she is famous! She was a famous porn actress who was known all over the world.

"This task was so much fun because I was adored and coveted by millions of men from all over the world," she remembers.
Now that Katy is back in Europe, she is looking for this ONE man to make the rest of her dreams come true.
If you've always wanted to have sex with a celebrity, don't wait any longer. Allissa is ready for you!!!


Allissa Allissa Allissa

Tuning function (-50%)
Heating system (-50%)
Feet (-50%)
Vagina insert (-50%)

Description of the

Product Description

Why buy a TPE Silicone Doll?

Buying a sex doll can be a daunting task at first glance, but understanding the different types and benefits of each will make your decision easier. Sex dolls are all made from natural, safe, genuine silicone, so every doll feels real. Our lifelike dolls are full silicone, which means that the sex dolls are made of pure silicone. Our love dolls can be moved into different positions, which makes the love play real. If you're looking for something that looks and feels feminine, but where you don't have to pay the ongoing follow-up costs, then a silicone doll is the best choice for you.

Dolls are not only used as toys for adults. They can be used much more by photographers than models for movies and the cinema as well as mannequins that are brought to life with different poses for shows and events.

Learn more about Full Silicone TPE Sex Dolls:

1. Our sex dolls are all made from full medical silicone.
2. A strong and reliable steel pipe is used for cooking in a love doll. The metal joints can move freely while the doll can pose like a real person.
We have different sizes: 100cm, 108cm, 110cm, 118cm, 125cm, 138cm, 140cm, 148cm, 152cm, 155cm, 158cm, 160cm, 165cm, 168cm, 170cm, 171cm and 176cm.
(This doll is 170 cm)
4. Dolls from 140cm to 176cm are including: Heating function and Voice function available.

After the sale serves about real sex doll:

1. Each doll has a life span of up to 5 years. If the doll is damaged within 5 years, we can provide you with special TPE or silicone materials. On our homepage you will find video instructions on how to repair the doll.

2. If required, we will provide you cleaning materials.

3. Please note that dark-colored clothing can darken the skin of the dolls. Test the clothes beforehand on an invisible spot of the doll. If necessary, the coloured skin can only be cleaned with special cleaning material.

Advantages of the real love doll:

1. Harmless to health (silicone, contains no sharp objects)
2. The appearance of the doll can be freely determined. (hair color, eye color, figure)
3. Our dolls, which are made of solid, full silicone (no air pockets), are waterproof. This means that you can take a bath with your doll.

Why do you choose our full silicone sex doll?

1. Free delivery
2. Repair service
3. Discrete packaging
4. Fast delivery by DHL or FedEX.
5. 14 Days return with unopened film



1. Non-stick coating - nothing can stick to the doll's body, easy to clean. High-quality loving doll for the man.

2. Durable - You can use the doll over and over again for long periods of time , difficult to damage .

3. Lifelike

4. Safety - on the human body absolutely safe, non-toxic, odourless

5. Disclaimer

The prices are inclusive of delivery costs, customs duties and packaging.

delivery period

The delivery time is approx. 3-4 weeks after receipt of payment.
The delivery will be delivered to you personally by the Fedex or UPS delivery service.


The doll is shipped with a reinforced cardboard box. In addition, all parts are protected with bubble wrap and sealed in an airtight foil.


body + head
1 * USB heating rod
1 * High quality wig
1 * Randomly Sexy Underware
1 * Cleaning unit
1 * Medical gloves

Since the packaging is absolutely neutral and has no company imprint, the contents remain hidden for curious eyes. Nobody can see or guess what is in the delivery.

The size of the pack depends on the selected doll, because each doll has its own storage box. Just as the size varies with the different dolls, the weight also depends on the doll.


You can return the doll within 14 days of receipt if you have received it defective or damaged and the hygiene film has not been opened. If the doll is damaged, please contact our support with photos.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our support.

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